Understanding Change and Transition: How to Support Your Team During Change

Models and Tools to Understand and Engage Your Team

“Organizations change, people transition.”
-William Bridges

When most organizations make a decision about implementing change, they expect, and get, resistance. What they fail to understand is that people go through change in a very different way than the organization does.

This two-day workshop surfaces the dynamics going on in people and explores ways to understand and engage your team. It also shows you how to support your team and bring them along during times of change, and surfaces the important things that people want to hear in the communications they are receiving from their leaders.


Through the use of a highly experiential activity, participants learn the various reactions to the three types of change as well as the impacts on team members.

Discussions ensue about how to recognize the factors that resemble resistance and what to do about them.

Different models and tools are presented to help team members navigate the various changes that they are constantly facing.

This workshop is offered within organizations for groups of 5 people or more.

Course duration: 2 days
Course language: English or French – separate workshops

Program Topics

Understand the three core areas of focus
•    Culture, People and Processes

The three types of change
•    Planned, Imposed and Emergent

The difference between Organizational Change and Transitions
•    What the organization is going through
•    What the people are going through

Communications during Change and Transitions
•    Perceptions are Powerful
•    Powerful Reframes
•    Argyris’ Ladder of Inference
•    The change Communications Hierarchy of Needs

What and when to communicate
•    Individual Fears
•    Team Fears

Lewin’s Force Field Analysis
•    A tool for uncovering barriers to forward movement

The communications loop
•    4 types of communication
•    Channels
•    Actions

At the end of this seminar, you will be able to:

•    Understand the difference and ramifications of the 3 types of change
•    Describe the 3 stages of change and the 3 phases of transitions
•    Recognize the various factors that can appear as resistance
•    Describe actions to take as a people leader, or teammate, during the various phases
•    Identify and plan the appropriate communications activities and messages
•    Plan and carry out an activity to identify the restraining factors to change in the team
•    List actions to do – and those to avoid – when introducing change into the team

Who Should Attend This Course?

People leaders, teammates, intact teams, HR personnel.

For more information on this workshop, please contact:
Sophie Gouédard
Tel: 613-234-2020, ext. 21
Email: sgouedard@pmctraining.com

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