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A core competency is a description of a particular behaviour, skill or attribute that employees should possess to meet organizational needs, regardless of their job or role. Most federal government organizations have identified core competencies for their staff, and many non-profit and private sector organizations have as well.

These core competencies have been drawn from those established at a number of federal government departments, including:

• Canadian Heritage
• Canada Revenue Agency
• Environment and Climate Change Canada
• Employment and Social Development Canada
• Natural Resources Canada
• Public Services and Procurement Canada
• Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Many of the following competencies apply to almost any type of organization. If you feel there is a competency that should be added to this list, please contact us. Click on the competency in the list below for more information on each. You can also see which competencies a particular PMC workshop addresses within the workshop outlines themselves.



Emotional Intelligence Competency

Organizational Knowledge Competency

Learning Support / Continuous Learning Competency

Leadership Competency

Negotiating Techniques Competency

Personal Growth And Development

Research, Analysis And Evaluation Competency

Promotion Competency

Client Service Competency

Problem Solving Competency

Policy Development Competency

Engagement And Motivation Competency

Dealing With Difficult Situations Competency

Conflict Resolution Competency

Risk Management And Assessment Competency

Organizational Excellence: People, Systems And Process Management

Interpersonal Relations Competency

Relationship / Network Building Competency

Self Confidence / Self Esteem Competency

Innovation And Initiative Competency

Management Excellence Competency

Public Speaking / Presenting Competency

Thinking, Exercising Judgement And Making Decisions

Delegation Competency

Mentoring Competency

Teamwork And Cooperation Competency

Change Management And Leadership Competency

Adaptability / Flexibility Competency

Impact / Influence Competency

workload and time Management Competency

Project Management Competency

Values And Ethics Competency

Strategic Thinking Competency

Writing Skills Competency

Working With Others Competency

Creative Thinking Competency

Coaching Competency

Achievement / Results Orientation Competency

Analytical Thinking Competency

Decision making / Decisiveness Competency

Planning / Organizing Competency

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