Selling Intangibles

How to Effectively Take Control of Your Sales Conversations

Selling intangibles requires a unique skill set, and it can offer challenges; your customer can’t touch it, hear it, see it, smell it or taste it. Through opportunities to explore real life sales conversations, challenges and successes, this one-day workshop will share proven methods to help make your intangible sales conversation flow with ease. This interactive workshop will also explore your specific purpose and goal when having successful sales conversations, developing effective questioning strategies, or when handling objections. Ultimately, you will learn how to help your customer envision the benefits of your recommended solution.

This workshop is offered within organizations for groups of 5 people or more.

Course duration: 1 day
Course language: English

Workshop Topics

Defining Your Sales and Service Experience
• What are you selling?
• Sales vs Service: is there a difference?
• Your role as a salesperson
• Uncovering the expectations of your customer base

Creating a Powerful Connection With Your Customer
• How to create an impactful, long lasting, first impression
• The benefits of consistently building rapport
• Effective communication skills
• Active listening techniques
• Finding the balance in building new and existing relationships

Creating a Questioning Strategy That Works
• Uncovering barriers to asking the right question
• Broad vs focused questioning strategies
• Tips that will personalize your questioning technique
• Learn how to sell ideas, insights, and perspectives that influence the buyer’s agenda and inspire buyer action

Selling Your Solution With Impact
• Deciding on the appropriate time to recommend / sell your solution
• The value of linking features to benefits
• Advice-based selling model

Overcoming Objections
• Anticipate and plan for the objection, before it happens
• How to address objections with confidence
• Effective methods to re-state / revise your recommended solution
• Gaining your customer’s consent

Keep Your Customer Coming Back
• How to clarify next steps with your customer
• The value of showing sincere thanks and appreciation
• How to create ongoing loyalty

At the end of this seminar, you will be able to:

• Have a clear understanding of the purpose and goal for all of your sales conversation
• Sell ideas, insights, and perspectives that influence the buyer’s agenda and inspire buyer action
• Lead masterful sales conversations from start to finish
• Increase your ability to create impactful first impressions
• Uncover powerful questioning strategies and conversation models that will lead success
• Effectively create customer loyalty

Who Should Attend This Course?

Anyone who would like to explore successful methods that will increase sales results.

For more information on this workshop, please contact:
Sophie Gouédard
Tel: 613-234-2020, ext. 21

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