Improving Employee Engagement through Positive Leadership

Insights for Creating a Productive and Positive Workplace

In the current work environment, most employees are dealing with a lot of uncertainty and change, with a subsequent negative impact on productivity and job satisfaction.  This two-day course will help you to recognize the importance of being a more positive model as a leader in order to have more engaged employees.

This workshop is offered within organizations for groups of 5 people or more.

Course duration: 2 days
Course language: English

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this workshop, you will have:

•    Better understanding of individual behaviours and sources of motivation
•    Five Emotional Intelligence Competencies
•    Better management of the emotions of those you lead
•    Individual improvement strategy

Workshop Topics

Introduction – The role of a leader
•    Identification of individual situations

Emotional Intelligence Overview
•    Emotional Mirroring and the Value of Anger
•    Defining EI, Video and Discussion

Building Self-Awareness – The DISC Behavioural Model
•    Tendencies and Strengths, Resistance to Change
•    The Value of Anger

The 5 Competencies of Emotional Intelligence
•    The Law of Attraction
•    Leadership case studies, Application to situations

Personal Intelligence – Increasing Self Awareness
•    Personal Values and Inner Motivation
•    Application to situations

The Relationship Cycle
•    Keys to employee engagement
•    Application to situations

Understanding and Managing the Millennial Generation

Conflict and the 5 Step Problem Solving Model

Personal Planning and Summary

Unique Feature
•    Insights to Success TM – Personal self-awareness tool which provides individual behavioural insights.

Who Should Attend This Course?

Supervisors, managers and leaders in organizations with employee turnover or disengaged employees. Anyone who wants to create and maintain engaged and committed employees.  You cannot motivate people without a clear understanding of their individual sources of motivation.

Participant Comments from Previous Sessions:

“It helped me to re-focus and bring my positive attitude out.”
“Dave’s presentation is extremely personable and anyone will come away with new life positives.”
“I want you to know that I have been using my reflecting/mirror neurons to best advantage. Also those awoken skills! I’ve been putting the DISC to work.  I’m listening to ‘way’ more than the dial tone in people’s talk too. Thanks Dave for the seminar and guided feedback.”

For more information on this workshop, please contact:
Sophie Gouédard
Tel: 613-234-2020, ext. 21

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