Effective Presentations and Meetings

A Practical Guide

It’s no surprise that organizations spend an increasing amount of time in meetings and presentations – whether they are introducing new concepts, brainstorming ideas or sharing information.  With poor planning and unclear agendas, meetings and presentations end up losing focus and devouring time, energy, resources and money.

This workshop will help participants build speaker confidence while employing techniques for polishing and mastering both presentation delivery and effective meeting participation that will motivate teams and improve results.

This workshop is offered within organizations for groups of 5 people or more.

Course duration: 1 or 2 days
Course language: English

Program Topics

Presenter Skills
•    Presenter & Communication Exercises
•    Public Speaking Warm-Up
•    Presenter/Audience Self-Assessment Quiz

Effective Meetings
•    Confident and effective meeting participation
•    Handle Challenging Behaviors
•    Mock Meeting Role Play

Presentation Skills
•    Presentation Components
•    Presenter Do’s and Don’ts
•    Visual Aids Overview
•    Presentation* Delivery and Critique

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

•    Improve overall public speaking skills
•    Confidently participate in meetings and handle challenging behaviors
•    Create and deliver improved presentations (presenter and visual aids)

Who Should Attend This Course?

Anyone in your workplace who is directly involved in chairing meetings and conducting presentations as part of their role, including New Team Leaders, Managers and Supervisors, Sales and Marketing Team Members.

*Participants are asked to bring a sample 10-minute PowerPoint presentation (on a USB stick) that they have personally created to the Workshop to present to group for critique.  Participants may practice public speaking portion of presentation either prior to workshop or during breaks/lunch.

For more information on this workshop, please contact:

Sophie Gouédard
Tel: 613-234-2020, ext. 21
Email: sgouedard@pmctraining.com

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