Note: All workshops can be modified to suit the organization’s needs. All materials are available in English and French.

Change Cycle – ½ DAY
The Change Cycle is a model showing how individuals adapt to change. This interactive half-day course provides a high-level overview of the model, and gives individuals a few techniques for managing themselves through change. If the organization has a specific change in mind, and would like this workshop to apply to that change, it is recommended that the organization purchase the Change Cycle assessment (Locator) at a cost of $7.00 per participant (plus tax). (* see Note below)

Change Cycle – ONE DAY
The Change Cycle is a model showing how individuals adapt to change. This interactive full-day course provides a detailed overview of the model, and gives individuals many techniques at each stage for managing themselves through change. Participants should use the Change Cycle workbook, available at a cost of $25 each (plus tax). (* see Note below)

Change Cycle for Managers and Leaders – TWO DAYS
The Change Cycle is a model showing how individuals adapt to change. This interactive two-day course provides a detailed overview of the model on the first day, and gives individuals many techniques at each stage for managing themselves through change. On the second day, we do a deep dive into the management of the Change Cycle. Managers are given special leadership tools and techniques to help them manage others through change, especially when those others may be all at different stages of the change cycle, and coping with different changes simultaneously. Managers should use the Change Cycle workbook and Manager Set, available at a cost of $75.00 per participant (plus tax). (* see Note below)

An Appreciative Approach To Change
In this 1/2 day to one day customizable workshop, participants will learn that change isn’t all about burning platforms and fear and loss. It is entirely possible, and common, for individuals to thrive and flourish during times of change.

In this workshop, participants will:
• Learn how to identify their strengths that they can leverage in times of change
• Learn how they have already flourished in times of change, and be able to identify commonalities in those experiences that they can use going forward
• Learn how, in times of change, we are drawn by the future – how to craft a positive change vision for themselves individually, and for the group / team
• Start taking action steps towards realizing the vision for change
• Collectively create a change plan that will be where the proverbial rubber hits the road In the half-day session, participants will gain exposure to the full process, with an emphasis on strengths and visioning. In the full-day session, participants will dive more deeply into the entire process, and will walk out of the day with an action plan and accountabilities to help the organization move change forward in a positive, collaborative way.

Organizational Change Management
In this half-day session, geared to organizational leaders, participants will learn about change management methodologies used at the organizational strategic level when planning and implementing change. This session can be integrated with a Change Cycle overview for a full-day offering that is excellent as a kick-start to a strategic planning off-site. Most change management initiatives fail, and it isn’t due to project management – it’s due to a failure to understand the human side of change. However, with a solid change management methodology, it is possible to increase the strategic chances of project success. Furthermore, change management isn’t just for IT projects – it’s beneficial for any organizational changes that are being implemented: HR policy changes, restructuring, moving offices, new leadership, organizational culture changes, and so on. This course provides a change management methodology that works across all types of changes.

Appreciative Inquiry – A Strategic Plan For Positive Change
This model for positive change can be taught in a half-day, and facilitation of the model to effect change can take from one to four days, depending on the scope of the project. This workshop takes participants through the 5-D model of Appreciative Inquiry (Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Destiny), as well as some of the positive theory of change. To use Appreciative Inquiry as a change model requires initial consultation to prepare for the one- to four-day workshop (called a “Summit”) in order to fully customize this for the organization and its specific change requirements.

Personal Resiliency
Because change is hard, people tend to resist it. This is a natural reaction but we have to move forward. If we don’t, it’s not good for you or for your organization. This highly interactive ½ day event will help you understand your level of resiliency toward change. The Personal Resilience Questionnaire was developed out of an interest in learning how to help individuals and organizations manage major change successfully. We believe that the number of changes taking place in the world, and the impact that these changes have on our lives, will continue to increase. If we are to reach the goals that we have for ourselves individually, in our organizations, and in our world, we need to understand the ways in which change affects us.

This workshop is divided into three parts:
Module 1: Introduction to Personal Resilience This is the cornerstone of the resiliency training. It describes why change is challenging, builds the case for resilience, and provides an overview of the resilience characteristics
Module 2: Personal Resilience Profile Feedback Includes material for introducing and debriefing the Personal Resilience Profile
Module 3: Action Planning Provides a recommended approach to building a plan to strengthen resilience, and resources for developing each characteristic.

* Note:  plus shipping, handling and applicable taxes. Pricing is subject to change based on exchange rates between American and Canadian dollars.

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