The following competencies fall under the Meaningful Engagement in the Workplace: Working with Others category:

Client Service
Anticipating and responding to needs and demands of clients (both internal and external).

Using language as a flexible tool to share and collect information, exchanging ideas and openly exploring a variety of perspectives adjusting style and content to each unique individual, audience and circumstance.

Conflict Resolution
Facilitate the prevention and/or resolution of conflict while preserving working relationships.

Dealing with Difficult Situations
Keeping one’s emotions under control and restraining negative responses when provoked, or when faced with opposition or hostility from others.

Engagement and Motivation
Mobilizing people, organizations and partners in developing goals, executing plans and delivering results. Laying the groundwork for success by building coalitions with key stakeholders and building momentum by communicating clearly and consistently. Using negotiation skills and adaptability to encourage recognition of joint concerns, collaboration and to influence the success of outcomes.

Interpersonal Relations
Establishes and maintains harmonious professional relations by demonstrating respect for and sensitivity to others.

Relationship / Network Building
Builds and maintains effective and constructive working relationships, partnerships or networks of contacts with people who are, or might someday be, instrumental in achieving work-related goals.

Teamwork and Cooperation
Readily sharing information, knowledge and personal strengths. Seeking to understand and building on differing perspectives of others to enhance team efficiency and quality outcomes.

Working with Others
Interacting effectively with, and working alongside others to complete a task.

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