Learning Support / Continuous Learning Competency

Learning Support / Continuous Learning
Creating a learning environment by promoting training and professional development, along with the transfer of knowledge, skills and abilities in the workplace.

Behaviours include:
Discussing needs, objectives and interests
Using performance review as a tool
Being familiar with adult learning techniques such as mentoring and coaching
Encouraging employees to take responsibility for their learning and development
Encouraging academic learning as a means of developing competencies
Recognizing knowledge and skills acquired
Providing environment where employees can further develop their skills
Recognizing employee potential

PMC Open Enrollment Workshops addressing this competency:
Active Listening Skills
Advanced Business Writing
Business Grammar That Matters
Communicating for Results
Dealing with Difficult Behaviours
Personal Effectiveness through Emotional Intelligence – EQ1
Personal Effectiveness through Emotional Intelligence – EQ2
Report Writing
Skills for Effective Mentoring

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