Emotional Intelligence Competency

Emotional Intelligence
Ability to bring out the best in oneself and others by perceiving, assessing and positively influencing one’s own and other people’s emotions.

Behaviours include:
Knowing your emotions
Managing your own emotions
Motivating yourself
Recognizing and understanding other people’s emotions
Managing relationships

PMC Open Enrollment Workshops addressing this competency:
Active Listening Skills
Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution
Communicating for Results
Critical Conversations
Dealing with Difficult Behaviours
Effective Oral Briefings
Finding Balance through Mindfulness
Finding Creative Solutions to Workplace Challenges
Increasing Your Self-Confidence
Managing and Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Managing for Superior Results I: Fundamentals of Supervision
Managing for Superior Results II: From Manager to Leader
Managing Skills for Non-Managers – Level 1
Managing Skills for Non-Managers – Level 2
Mindfulness and Leadership: A Program for Managers
Personal Effectiveness through Emotional Intelligence – EQ1
Personal Effectiveness through Emotional Intelligence – EQ2
Powerful Negotiation Skills
Strategic Thinking
Stress Management Skills
Using Positive Influencing Skills in the Workplace

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