Reading Skills Competency

Reading Skills
Understanding materials written in sentences or paragraph (e.g. letters, manuals).

Behaviours include:
Scanning for information or overall meaning
Reading to understand, learn, critique or evaluate
Analyzing and synthesizing information from multiple sources or from complex and lengthy texts

PMC Open Enrollment Workshops addressing this competency:
Advanced Business Writing
Advanced Event Planning
Advanced Minute Taking for Better Meetings
Business Grammar That Matters
Business Writing for Impact and Influence
Communicating for Results
Effective Meeting and Event Planning
Getting Organized and In Control
Microsoft Word 2016™ – Level 2
Minute Taking for Better Meetings
Practical Time and Workload Management
Project Management 101
Project Management Skills for Administrative Professionals
Proofreading and Editing
Report Writing
Skills for Effective Presentations
Take Control of Your Workday with MS Outlook 2016™
Techniques for the Occasional Trainer
The Outstanding Administrative Assistant
Writing Effective Briefing Notes
Writing in Plain Language

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