The following competencies fall under the Essential Skills for Today’s Workplace category:

Computer and Digital Technology Use
Using computers and other forms of technology and digital platforms to achieve results.

Document Use
Finding, understanding or entering information (e.g. text, symbols, numbers) in various types of documents, such as tables or forms.

Reading Skills
Understanding materials written in sentences or paragraph (e.g. letters, manuals).

Working with Data and Numbers
Use a range of data and numbers, and thinking in quantitative terms to complete tasks.

Workload and Time Management
Achieving better results, both at work and in personal life by organizing time effectively and utilizing self-management habits that lead to increased productivity both on and off the job.

Writing Skills
Writing in Plain Language, and producing clear, concise, logical and grammatically correct written material in English or French. Using a variety of writing styles, editing techniques and approaches in English or in French as appropriate to the circumstances and the intended readership.

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