Powerful Negotiation Skills (P726)

Develop Your Edge for Achieving Success

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We use negotiating techniques in our everyday lives, sometimes without realizing it. In our professional lives, however, negotiating is a necessary and versatile skill. The ability to negotiate appropriately can be your edge in achieving success. Whether you’re dealing with colleagues, employees, senior management, prospects, clients or suppliers, you will achieve your goals more often by using powerful, appropriate and effective negotiating strategies and techniques.

You will learn how to improve your negotiating skills with a clearer understanding of highly effective communication techniques. You will better understand the ins and outs of negotiation, and develop effective strategies, tactics and counter-measures for manipulative opponents. The workshop uses experiential methods allowing you apply what you have learned and practice your new skills in a variety of methodologies. These include role plays, case studies, personal skill analysis questionnaires, games and trainer-led discussions.

This is a two-day workshop in Ottawa.

Space is still available for all course dates listed, unless otherwise noted.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Explain the real purpose of constructive negotiation leading to win-win
  • Develop the emotional, logical and ethical components of a win-win negotiator
  • Distinguish between “positional” and “principled” negotiating
  • Plan and structure a win-win negotiation event
  • Assess personal negotiating motivation and aptitudes
  • Use communication skills critical to successful negotiating
  • Handle conflict situations as they arise during negotiation events
  • Identify and expand upon your personal style of managing conflict
  • Apply a 5-step process in managing and resolving conflicts
  • Close negotiations more professionally
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Workshop Topics

Concept and Principles

  • Definitions
  • Essential elements
  • Principled positional negotiation

Communication Skills Essential to Effective Negotiating

  • Questioning
  • Active listening
  • Perception checks
  • Assertive communication
  • Initiating proposals
  • Interrupting and differing

The Basics of Negotiation

  • Winning and losing situations
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Approach to negotiation
  • Force field analysis

Negotiation Process

  • Preparation and planning the negotiation
  • Discussing the problem
  • Proposing solutions
  • Negotiating a compromise
  • Finalizing an agreement

Team Negotiating

  • Do’s and don’ts in teams

Desirable Characteristics in Skilled Negotiators

  • Traits needed for success in your area
  • Negotiating motivation

Strategy and Tactics

  • Hard and soft strategies and tactics
  • Counter strategies and tactics
  • Practice cases

Conflict Management

  • What constitutes conflict and being comfortable with it
  • Identifying your personal conflict management style
  • 5 methods of managing conflict
  • 5 key action steps in conflict resolution

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Who Should Attend This Course?

This workshop is designed for managers, supervisors, team leaders or employees who conduct any operational negotiations such as facilitating meetings, resolving team conflicts, delegating, conducting performance reviews, hiring new staff or dealing with suppliers.

Does This Course Address Your Competency Development Needs?

This training workshop addresses:

• Achievement / Results Orientation
• Adaptability / Flexibility
• Analytical Thinking
• Change Management and Leadership
• Client Service
• Communication
• Conflict Resolution
• Dealing with Difficult Situations
• Emotional Intelligence
• Engagement and Motivation
• Impact and Influence
• Innovation and Initiative
• Interpersonal Relations
• Leadership
• Management Excellence
• Negotiating Techniques
• Problem Solving
• Promotion
• Relationship / Network Building
• Teamwork and Cooperation
• Working with Others