How Ottawa Works (P867)

How to Function More Effectively Working For or Within Government

This course will be delivered as a live, instructor-led session online – click here.

This two-day workshop will provide you with an overview of the structures, processes and players of the Government of Canada – the machinery of government. It presents the current context, government plans, priorities and the relationship between government and the Public Service. You’ll also learn about the history, traditions and values that have shaped the Canadian parliamentary system.

This is a two-day workshop in Ottawa.

Space is still available for all course dates listed, unless otherwise noted.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this seminar, you will better understand:

  • How Ottawa works with a Westminster system of government
  • Canada as a bilingual, multicultural country with its policy and legislative framework including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Roles and responsibilities of government, Prime Minister, Cabinet, Ministers, Federal Departments, Central Agencies, and Parliament
  • Decision making processes of Cabinet
  • How policy is developed and the factors that influence it
  • How legislation is passed
  • Interactions between stakeholders: citizens, lobbyists, pressure groups, politicians and public servants
  • Relationship between the Government of Canada and the provinces and territories
  • Role of the Public Servant

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Workshop Topics

  • The constitutional basis of Canadian democracy
  • Federal system of Canada
  • Westminster system of government
  • Parliament (The Queen, House of Commons, Senate and committees)
  • Government departments and central agencies
  • The executive and cabinet committees
  • The legal system
  • Policy development process
  • Legislative process
  • Budgets and the Estimates

Who Should Attend This Course?

This course is designed for those who are fairly new to the federal government or those who wish to have a refresher; public servants who are policy officers or program managers and those outside government who seek to understand how the federal government works.

Does This Course Address Your Competency Development Needs?

This training workshop addresses:

• Achievement / Results Oriented
• Analytical Thinking
• Client Service
• Leadership
• Management Excellence
• Organizational Knowledge
• Planning / Organizing
• Policy Development
• Relationship / Network Building
• Research, Analysis and Evaluation
• Risk Management and Assessment
• Strategic Thinking
• Teamwork and Cooperation
• Working with Others