Remember the 3 R’s to help you get the most from your PMC workshop. Print a PDF of these tips to take with you to your course.


  • Done properly, learning takes effort. Expect to stretch your brain.
  • Take responsibility for your own learning. Don’t wait to be ‘trained’.
  • Learning is about questioning yourself, the situation, each other, your Instructor and your world. Question everything.


  • Prepare yourself to learn, by deciding what you need to know. Are you looking for personal fulfillment? Professional development? Work skills? Learn purposefully.
  • Look at the workshop outline and identify the areas of the course you will focus on. What matters most to you, your team, your department, your organization?
  • Ask your manager and colleagues what skills and knowledge they need from the workshop. Bring it back.
  • We learn best when we are having fun, when we can express ourselves, and when we are fully engaged in the process. Prepare to enjoy yourself, and leap into the learning process.
  • Turn off your smart phone and other electronic devices, for your own sake and as a courtesy to others. Focus on learning.


  • Be ready to recognize important pieces of information when they come your way. Develop a vision of what you need to know.
  • Don’t rely solely on your instructor and workbook. Learning is about sharing knowledge with others. Learn all you can from your classmates.
  • Use every spare moment to do additional networking or research. Bring back insights and questions.
  • Writing and drawing in the workbook will help you learn. Make the workbook your own!
  • Create personal symbols for the key ideas, points or actions that you want to remember. This will help you to identify key learnings. 

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