Life Planning for Retirement – 1 Day Online Workshop (PV229)

Creating a Balanced Roadmap to a Meaningful Retirement

This course will be delivered two ways:

• Live, instructor-led session online
• In person (in classroom) in Ottawa

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Are you excited about your retirement but worried about getting bored and not having enough to do?

Has your work consumed you over the past 30 – 35 years and you are no longer sure what interests you have outside of work?

Are you concerned about a lack of a predictable structure, a different or limited social network or the demands that may be placed on you by your parents or children?

Do you have a pretty good idea of your basic plan but want to make sure all core components are in place?

Are you considering a new career in your retirement and want an opportunity to network and share ideas?

Are you starting out in your career and want to ensure that your career and life plan are in balance with each other?

While being financially prepared for retirement is important, addressing the emotional, physical and psychological realities before retiring and integrating them into a balanced plan is ultimately the key to a successful and meaningful retirement.

This one-day workshop prepares you for a successful transition into retirement by addressing key areas of concern with realistic strategies.

Note: This course is available as a stand-alone workshop, or you can enhance your learning by taking the companion workshop, Financial Planning for Retirement (P230).

This is a one-day virtual live workshop.

Space is still available for all course dates listed, unless otherwise noted.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this virtual workshop, you will be able to:

  • Define your definition of retirement
  • Better understanding of the changes that will affect you and how to best manage them
  • See the value in your current work identity and determine how this will fit into your retirement identity
  • Establish your new life vision by identifying dreams, goals and planned activities
  • Establish how you are currently spending your time and what adjustments you would like to make to create a more balanced pace
  • Learn how to keep yourself connected to your community and the world around you
  • Identify your current social support network, and if or how that support network may change in retirement and how to manage that change
  • Feel confident and excited about this next stage in your life

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Workshop Topics

The New Realities of Retirement

  • How retirement has changed
  • A more realistic definition

Managing Change

  • Understanding the Transition Process
  • Managing negative stress
  • Practical strategies for adjusting to changes

Work Identity

  • What is important to you at work
  • How can you transfer those needs into your retirement plan
  • Options for working


  • Meaningful activities for retirement: staying connected
  • Managing energy, creating balance
  • Creating new structures and routines
  • 6 Intentions for a meaningful retirement


  • Building your support network
  • Changing expectations and roles with life partner
  • The role of family and friends

Your Life Plan

  • Putting it all together

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Who Should Attend This Course?

Anyone who is interested in having a meaningful retirement whether you are near the end of your current career or at the beginning.

Does This Course Address Your Competency Development Needs?

This training workshop addresses:

• Analytical Thinking
• Change Management
• Creative Thinking
• Innovation / Initiative
• Relationship / Network Building
• Self Confidence / Self Esteem