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Self-Paced e-Learning with PMC TrainingPMC offers an entire eLearning Library of self-directed, online modules. While eLearning can’t replace traditional training, it is an innovative and effective way to keep pace with the constant change in your workplace, and to quickly close a knowledge or skill gap. It can also be an excellent way to reinforce what was learned in the classroom and make sure those new skills are actually put to good use.

Your subscription gives you access to more than 5,000 video lessons in our eLearning Library, where you can learn through short, digestible, well-planned units. Bite-sized content enables you to access small chunks of information instantly, anytime, and from anywhere. The video modules are typically anywhere from three to 15 minutes in length, as well as longer multi-module sessions, and are interspersed with other activities. The micro-learning method is media-rich, science-backed, and created by experts to match the way we learn today—a proven way to engage 21st century brains.

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A 1-year subscription is only $396 plus applicable taxes.

If you are not fully satisfied with your subscription, please notify us within 48 hours from the time your subscription is activated for a full refund.

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E-Learning Library Subscription: 1 Year [TX5%]show details +$415.80 (CAD)  
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E-Learning Library Subscription: 1 Year [TX-NoTax]show details +$396.00 (CAD)  

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