Equip Yourself for Career Success with the DiSC® Assessment


This is a 2-hour Virtual Instructor-Led Training workshop, accessible wherever internet service is available.

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Fee: $195 CDN (plus HST)

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Are you looking for ways to improve your effectiveness in the workplace and boost your career success? Using the DiSC® personal assessment tool, you can gain critical insight and self-knowledge that will unlock the door to more productive communication, better teamwork, job satisfaction and interpersonal relationships.

In this fast-paced, highly interactive workshop you’ll discover how the DiSC® assessment tool, used by over 40 million people, provides the foundation to strengthen your relationships with co-workers, managers, supervisors, clients and others you deal with on a daily basis.

This is a 2-hour Virtual Instructor-Led Training workshop, accessible wherever internet service is available. Learn more about PMC’s Virtual Live Classroom program here.

Download the Registration Form for this workshop.

Pre-Class: Before participating in the virtual live class, you will complete a 30-item online questionnaire that takes about 15 minutes. Within minutes after completion, your results are plotted on a personal e-graph and are returned to you via email in a comprehensive 20-page report that explains your DiSC® profile.  You will use this profile in the live workshop.

By the end of this workshop, you will:

•    Review results from your on-line DiSC® assessment, in real time, with a live instructor
•    Understand the current motivations behind your behaviours
•    Identify those behavioural traits that are your primary motivators behind your actions
•    Discover how these traits can both strengthen relationships and also weaken them
•    Identify the behaviours you wish to improve and behaviours you wish to minimize, allowing you to maximize your potential
•    Learn how to apply your DiSC® survey results to current situations you face – with people you interact with everyday

Workshop Topics


“I will be more aware of the people I work with and the different personality types. I hope to use the information I learned to interact with more effectiveness.”

“I think I will be better equipped to observe and understand others’ behavioural styles and therefore adapt to their needs.”

“Provides excellent insight into people’s styles of behaviour.”

•    Overview of the DiSC®, and the four behavioural styles
•    How does your DiSC® profile affect your interactions with others?
•    When does a behavioural strength become a weakness?
•    How to identify the DiSC® profile of others, and how to connect your strengths
•    Identifying and resolving conflict with individuals who have different traits to your own


•    Overview of key learning objectives
•    Priority take-away information
•    Questions and answers

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

Anyone who wants greater self-awareness to learn how to adapt and be flexible in their communication and behaviour to position themselves for success – on the team, in various roles, when moving into a management position, and in organizations that best fit their strengths, interests and styles.

Your Instructor:

Geoff B. is a highly-experienced management consultant and instructor with over 15 years of extensive practice in implementing change, achieving business transformation goals and delivering a diverse range of skills and knowledge training programs in various sectors and organizations. Geoff is a certified classroom and virtual training professional and has delivered numerous programs focused on behaviour awareness such as the DiSC behavioural assessment, assisting hundreds of employees and managers to discover how awareness about oneself, and others, can successfully impact organization and team performance.

This workshop will help you develop the following competencies:

•   Adaptability / Flexibility
•    Client Service
•    Communication
•    Conflict Resolution
•    Dealing with Difficult Situations
•    Emotional Intelligence
•    Engagement and Motivation
•    Impact and Influence
•    Interpersonal Relationships
•    Leadership
•    Negotiation Techniques
•    Relationship / Network Building
•    Self Confidence / Self Esteem
•    Teamwork and Cooperation
•    Working with Others

Register today for this workshop – download the Registration Form for this workshop. Or for more information, please email Sophie at sgouedard@pmctraining.com or call 613-234-2020, ext. 21.

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