Developing Social and Emotional Intelligence


This is a 2-hour Virtual Instructor-Led Training workshop, accessible wherever internet service is available.

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Managing Yourself and Your Relationships for Maximum Effectiveness

EQgraphicYou can’t always control what happens to you, or even how it makes you feel, but you can control how you react.  The key lies in developing your social and emotional intelligence (SEQ).

SEQ is the ability to be aware of your emotions and those of others, in the moment, and to use that information to manage yourself and your relationships.  Studies have shown that success in life and at work can be influenced far more by our SEQ than by our cognitive intelligence (IQ).  In fact, it accounts for the significant differences in performance between great and average leaders.

This workshop will help you to better understand the pivotal role that social and emotional intelligence plays in developing and maintaining healthy relationships with others.

Using the most comprehensive SEQ assessment instrument available, the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)®, you’ll get the critical insight you need to develop the competencies for greater SEQ.  You’ll discover areas where you’re the strongest, and areas where you could improve.  Equipped with greater self-awareness, you will be able to better relate to every-day situations, and develop productive new ways to approach your work relationships.  You will also be able to manage the interactions that normally create tension and stress in the workplace.

This is a 2-hour Virtual Instructor-Led Training workshop, accessible wherever internet service is available. Learn more about PMC’s Virtual Live Classroom program here.

Download the Registration Form for this workshop.

Pre-Class:  Before participating in the virtual live class, you will complete a comprehensive online questionnaire that takes about 30 minutes.  Afterwards, you will be provided with your personal 40 page profile, which will be used in the live workshop.

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:
•    Understand what emotional intelligence is and why it’s important
•    Value emotional intelligence as a way of effectively managing yourself and your relationships with others
•    Identify personal areas of strengths and potential vulnerabilities in the area of social and emotional intelligence
•    Apply your assessment results to manage your behavioural responses, and to bring about positive results in your career pursuits and personal life

Workshop Topics

Social and Emotional Intelligence Overview
•    The business case for social and emotional intelligence
•    The brain science behind social and emotional intelligence and how that influences behaviour
•    Basic overview and understanding of the four-quadrant social and emotional intelligence model
•    Descriptions of emotionally and socially intelligent behaviours, including examples of when they are being applied and when they may be lacking

The Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)
•    Overview of the profile and results interpretation
•    Awareness building of individual strengths and potential vulnerabilities in the area of social and emotional intelligence
•    Extensive suggestions for competency development

•    Review of key learning outcomes
•    Priority take-away information
•    Questions and answers

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

Anyone interested in increasing their self-awareness and managing their emotional responses more effectively for greater success and effectiveness at work and greater happiness and fulfillment in life.

Your Instructor:

Laurie R. is a senior learning and development professional and a certified executive coach, including a coaching certification through the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence.  She is a dynamic and engaging facilitator whose high energy and sense of play characterize her workshops.  With over eighteen years’ experience in designing and delivering experiential learning events, Laurie is known for her wit, warmth and hands-on, practical, learner-centered approach.  She loves to create experiences that engage individuals in the learning process and combines theory and practice to ensure that learning takes place on both an intellectual and emotional level.

This workshop will help you to develop the following competencies:

•    Adaptability / Flexibility
•    Change Management and Leadership
•    Client Service
•    Communication
•    Conflict Resolution
•    Decision Making / Decisiveness
•    Dealing with Difficult Situations
•    Emotional Intelligence
•    Engagement and Motivation
•    Impact and Influence
•    Interpersonal Relations
•    Management Excellence
•    Negotiating Techniques
•    Problem Solving
•    Relationship / Network Building
•    Self Confidence / Self Esteem
•    Teamwork / Cooperation
•    Working with Others

Register today for this workshop – download the Registration Form for this workshop. Or for more information, please email Sophie at or call 613-234-2020, ext. 21.

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