Policy Analysis Toolbox – Part 1 (P201)

How to Understand a Problem in Order to Create Policy Alternatives

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This workshop will provide both policy analysts and subject-matter experts with some effective tools that will help them to formulate good public policy. Starting with perceptions of a problem, such as what might flow from a risk assessment, a minister’s office, or media reports, this workshop will help participants to apply an analytical framework and use tools with which they can formulate credible policy options. Policy Analysis Toolbox – Part 1 deals with problem-solving and the first part of options-identification. Policy Analysis Toolbox – Part 2 (P219) looks at assessment of options and making a recommendation.

This workshop will maximize the amount of hands-on learning through the use of case studies and group work.

This is a two-day workshop in Ottawa.

Space is still available for all course dates listed, unless otherwise noted.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Understand the steps involved with policy analysis
  • Identify a clear problem and objective
  • Analyze the causes of the problem, leading to a series of policy and program alternatives
  • Gain simulated experience through case studies and group work

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Workshop Topics

Designed and delivered by a consultant with more than 20 years of experience in policy analysis, this workshop is suitable for those working with strategic or program-level policies. Workshop topics include:

  • Positioning your policy analysis within the needs of management
  • Identifying and understanding the causes of a problem
  • Risk assessment
  • Behavioural and environmental profiling
  • Identification of policy instruments

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Who Should Attend This Course?

This course is designed for federal government policy analysts, program officers, and subject-matter experts of the EC-2 to EC-8 levels or equivalent, and for managers.

Does This Course Address Your Competency Development Needs?

This training workshop addresses:
• Achievement / Results Oriented
• Analytical Thinking
• Client Service
• Impact / Influence
• Innovation / Initiative
• Leadership
• Management Excellence
• Organizational Knowledge
• Planning / Organizing
• Policy Development
• Problem Solving
• Research, Analysis and Evaluation
• Risk Management and Assessment
• Strategic Thinking
• Values and Ethics
• Working with Others

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