Advanced Presentation Skills

Take Your Public Speaking Skills to the Next Level – Making the Invisible Visible

If you are looking for a presentation skills course that will challenge you and build upon your existing strengths, this course is for you!

Delivered in a 2-day workshop format, this course is aimed at experienced speakers who wish to take their presentation skills to the next level, both in speaking and delivering impactful content.

Learn the various intangible elements that affect you attaining your desired outcome. Become more aware of yourself and your audience and how to connect with them so they want to listen to you.

Participants will practice their skills in the presence of other advanced students and will gain valuable insight into their areas of strength and areas for development.

Class size is small to ensure individual attention.

Advance preparation: Participants are requested to bring one to two prepared presentations to the course.

This workshop is offered within organizations for groups of 5 people or more.

Course duration: 2 days
Course language: English

Program Topics

• Understanding the 3 P’s of presentations
• Adapting and connecting with your audience
• Engaging the audience right from the start
• The WIIFM factor
• The 2mm difference
• Making the voice a powerful tool
• How your environment affects your presentation
• Creating impactful decks that engage your audience

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

• Use your presence to make an impact
• Make the content of your presentation to the point
• Leave your audience with a sense of value-added, and a feeling of precious time well-spent!

Who Should Attend This Course?

Participants who have experience and confidence in presenting content to groups, and who wish to take their presentations from boring to bravo!

For more information on this workshop, please contact:
Sophie Gouédard
Tel: 613-234-2020, ext. 21

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