PMC’s workshop leaders are highly-skilled instructors and facilitators, with years of practical, real-world experience. Each receives consistently outstanding reviews by participants. You’ll leave your workshop energized, inspired, and armed with tools and techniques you can immediately apply at work and in life. Below is a list of the current faculty who deliver PMC’s public workshops, but we have many additional consultants and instructors.

Barbara O.
Barbara is a professional, dynamic Education and Communications Specialist with over 18 years of  experience creating, tailoring and delivering educational content and providing coaching to a wide demographic of audiences. Barbara has worked with teams to develop innovative PR, marketing and communication strategies for a range of private and public sector clients.  As a manager and consultant she has overseen the creative development and implementation of innovative products and services to meet the changing needs of clients in the education sector. To this she adds an eclectic range of expertise in strategic communications and outreach, event and project management, government relations, and professional development. Barbara has brought her skills in negotiation, public speaking, partnership building, change management and strategic planning to previous positions held with a number of provincial and national-level organizations in which she has held management and executive positions. Through her work as a business skills trainer in the areas of leadership, change management, communication skills, and conflict resolution, she has demonstrated a passion for helping organizations become sustainable Learning Organizations. Barbara speaks five languages fluently, including French and English, and has a B.A. in Social Sciences and a professional degree in Education from the University of British Columbia. Barbara teaches Creativity and Innovation for the Workplace, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for Effective Decision-Making, and Using Positive Influencing Skills in the Workplace.

Bernard H.
Bernard draws from his wealth of experience in customer service and management to provide tangible real life examples that resonate with his workshop participants. His sense of humour, creative approach and dynamic presentation style make his participants eager to contribute to the discussion even when the topic might be challenging. Bernard’s delivery focus is in empowering change, corporate knowledge transfer, understanding Gen-X and Gen-Y employees, team building, and negotiating skills. He brings to the training field 20 years of management experience from the private and public sectors. He has served as Director for non-profit training and development organizations and taught Business Management programs at the college level. He is an Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach and is a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® qualified facilitator. Bernard teaches Improving Your Memory, Managing and Leading with Emotional Intelligence and Managing Project Risks.

Bill S., PhD, PMP
Bill is a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP) instructor who has worked for the federal government, large corporations, and small business. He has managed projects from $10K to $55M using the standard PMI processes, and served in senior management roles on projects up to $3B. Bill has hands-on experience with project management, risk management, contractor management, system integration, and training. He earned a Ph.D. in computer science for discovery of a method to construct multi-dimensional geodesic domes, which to his knowledge has never been used for anything practical. He has delivered more than 200 project management training courses to more than 2,000 people.  Bill teaches Project Management 101.

Brent M., CMP, CMM
Brent has planned and managed hundreds of conferences, consultations and events nationally and abroad. As a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) with over 25 years of experience, he has been internationally recognized with the CMM (Certified Meeting Manager) designation awarded by Meeting Professionals International and l’École Supérieure des Sciences Économiques et Commerciales, one of France’s Grandes Écoles. Brent teaches Effective Meeting and Event Planning.

Brodie C.
Brodie is a passionate and versatile training professional with extensive experience working with diverse client groups, while demonstrating expertise in successfully planning, coordinating, scheduling and delivering training solutions.  He is a member of the Institute for Performance and Learning, and has 10+ years of experience in the financial industry, having worked as HR Relationship Manager, Manager of Learning and Development and an instructor and facilitator. His experience as a trainer / facilitator has provided him with the opportunity to deliver to a broad range of participants, from front-line staff to senior leadership audiences.  Brodie has a BA from Queens University in Kingston. Brodie teaches Increase Productivity and Results When Working From Home – Online Workshop and Practical Facilitation Skills.

Chris R.
Chris is a Financial Planner and holds a Bachelor’s of Commerce Degree with a specialization in finance from the University of Ottawa, the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation as well as a Certificate in Financial Planning from the Canadian Securities Institute. He is currently working towards earning the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation. Chris is fluently bilingual, having completed most of his education in French. After completing his university education Chris worked briefly for the Canada Revenue Agency. He was then recruited by one of Canada’s major chartered banks where he most recently held the position of Senior Financial Advisor. He brings with him a specialization in financial planning, investment management, tax planning and he is an expert on the Government of Canada Superannuation Pension Plan. Chris loves staying active and spending time outdoors. He particularly enjoys trips to the cottage, home renovations, playing hockey, snowboarding and golfing. Chris teaches Financial Planning for Retirement.

Daniel A., MPM, C.H.R.P.
Daniel is a fluently bilingual senior management consultant with over 17 years of senior management consulting and senior management experience within the public and private sectors. His work has focused on organizational development, HR management, integrated planning and performance measurement. He teaches courses at the university level in HR management, general management and performance measurement. He holds a Master’s degree in Project Management, and a Graduate Certificate in Change Management. Daniel teaches Delegation Skills for the Workplace.

David D.
David brings over four decades of event planning experience to the table. Since 1987, when he established D. R. Dunlop & Associates, Inc.—which he built on the specialized expertise he acquired as the Deputy Chief of Protocol, in the Visits and Conferences Service, at Foreign Affairs Canada (now Global Affairs Canada)—David has planned, managed, and coordinated hundreds of meetings from 10 to thousands of participants, in both the public and private sectors, including small business meetings, multifaceted conferences, large and small trade shows, high-profile special events and complex visits programs. He has run events in every province and territory in Canada, and in five countries. David is a Past-Chair of Ottawa Tourism and, for many years, has been involved in mentoring and teaching students at Algonquin College’s School of Hospitality and Tourism, Event Management Program, in Ottawa. David teaches Advanced Event Planning.

David J.
David is a dynamic educator with extensive training, facilitation, key note speaking and coaching experience obtained by providing consulting services for a diverse client base in North America and Europe. He is a strong experiential learning program designer who is certified in needs analysis and program evaluation methodologies. Participants in his workshops appreciate his empathy, humour, flexibility and energy. His clients report that he gets results: the sessions he designs, facilitates and manages on their behalf are positive, inspiring experiences that stimulate desired changes and outputs. David teaches Managing Skills for Non-Managers – Level 1, Managing Skills for Non-Managers – Level 2Making the Transition From Co-worker to Team Leader, Managing for Superior Results 1: The Fundamentals of Supervision, Managing for Superior Results 2: From Manager to Leader, Managing Remote Teams – Online Workshop, Powerful Coaching Skills: How to Create a High Performing Team and Powerful Negotiation Skills.

Denise G.
Denise has over 22 years of professional experience in human resources, with a focus on recruitment and training development.  During her career in the hospitality industry, Denise was a Designated Training Specialist. Her facilitation expertise included customizing and conducting a wide range of learning programs, designed for management, unionized and non-unionized personnel, and included topics such as exceeding guests’ expectations and “wowing” the customer.  Denise was also responsible for rolling out a number of brand, corporate and customer service training initiatives at sister companies throughout Canada. Since leaving the hospitality industry a number of years ago, Denise continues to pursue her passion for adult learning facilitation and professional client care.  She is a Certified Training Facilitator at a private career college, where she develops and presents a variety of career-focused Canada-recognized certification programs. Denise teaches Techniques for the Occasional Trainer.

Elizabeth H., PhD
Elizabeth is a journalist and communicator working professionally since 2004, and specializing in space exploration, science and business.  Her work has appeared in publications all over the United States and Canada, with reference clients including Space.com, Forbes and CBC.  Her journalistic adventures include living on a “Mars” base for two weeks, talking to astronauts on the International Space Station, and attending two human spaceflight rocket launches in Kazakhstan.  On the teaching side, Elizabeth helps students of all ages learn how to write, and shows them why writing is an important skill in the workplace. Elizabeth holds a bachelor of journalism from Carleton University, an MSc in space studies at the University of North Dakota, and a PhD in aerospace studies from the University of North Dakota.  She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of History at Athabasca University out of personal interest, and a long-standing passion for learning about other cultures. Elizabeth teaches Advanced Minute Taking for Better Meetings and Minute Taking for Better Meetings.

Geoff B.
Geoff is a highly-experienced management consultant and instructor with over 15 years of extensive practice in implementing change, achieving business transformation goals and delivering numerous skills and knowledge training programs in a range of organizations. Geoff has a proven track record of delivering complex business solutions to diverse audiences and ensuring successful adoption of these strategic programs. Geoff teaches MS Excel 2016™ – Level 1 and MS Excel 2016™ – Level 2.

Graham B.
Graham is a business excellence-focused senior manager and internal consultant with an engineering background. A former officer in the Royal Air Force, he is a creative thinker and dynamic innovator with considerable experience in leading and managing teams, especially in an environment of rapid change. He has a passion for teaching, educating and sharing knowledge and understanding. Graham has lectured at Masters level, and led numerous workshops and training events on diverse subjects such as leadership, networking, lean thinking, and knowledge management. He has a broad range of consultancy skills, from analysis to implementation, with emphasis on applying lean and systems thinking to logistics and business processes. Graham has a keen interest in creating win-win situations and sustainable change through people development. Graham teaches Integrated Risk Management, Managing Project Stakeholders, and Strategic Thinking.

Hilary Samuel
Hilary Samuel is a Sleep for Wellbeing Expert. She helps people get the rest, vitality and enhanced energy they are yearning for through great sleep and other natural means. She is the owner of Asleep at Last https://www.asleepatlast.com/.  Hilary teaches Increase Job Performance and Productivity by Improving Your Sleep – Online Workshop.

Ian H.
Ian has been involved in government work for more than 30 years. His background and work straddles the two disciplines of policy analysis and communications. He has been providing a suite of cutting-edge workshops to public servants for the past fifteen years. He holds an MPA from Harvard University. Ian teaches How Ottawa Works, Performance Measurement and EvaluationPolicy Analysis Toolbox – Part I and Policy Analysis Toolbox – Part II.

Lalith G., CET. MSc
Lalith is a senior consultant, instructor and mediator with extensive experience in leadership development, teambuilding, change management, executive coaching, inter-cultural diversity, personal mastery, and conflict resolution. He trains and consults with the Government of Canada, non-profits and private sector organizations. Mindfulness practice is the foundation for all his work as a trainer/facilitator, entrepreneur, business developer and consultant. Lalith also works internationally in the areas of capacity building, youth leadership, post conflict initiatives, rural development, social enterprise, renewable and rural energy, energy policy, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and climate change. He has participated in and led project teams in Asia and Africa through international donor agencies and consulting companies. Lalith conducts research and inquiry into natural resources governance, extractives industry sustainability and CSR, community relations and Indigenous community partnerships. He has an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice, a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and a Diploma in Marketing. He is also a Certified Coach Practitioner with the Canadian Coaches Federation. Lalith teaches Finding Balance through Mindfulness and Mindfulness and Leadership: A Program for Managers.

Leah D.
Leah is a learning and development consultant with specialization in leadership training. She has more than 12 years of experience in education and has developed a variety of learning opportunities and programs in academic, corporate and private environments. Through this, she has gained a diverse and adaptable skill set for creating content and programming for clients with unique needs and audiences.  Her expertise includes delivering existing content or building custom solutions based on the client’s needs. She is versed in both in-person or remote delivery techniques. As an instructor, she fosters positive learning environments and consistently receives high feedback ratings. Leah teaches Personal Effectiveness Through Emotional Intelligence – EQ1 and Personal Effectiveness Through Emotional Intelligence – EQ2.

Lyse B.
Lyse has over a decade of experience developing customized courseware, and conducting customized training to a diverse audience. Her expertise extends to defining and documenting needs analysis of clients; creating and managing databases and spreadsheets; producing computerized presentations; providing customized training materials and practice activities; and acting as a facilitator in conducting and moderating focus group meetings. Lyse consistently earns the highest approval ratings from participants. Lyse teaches MS Excel 2016™ – Level 1, MS Excel 2016™ – Level 2 and MS Excel 2016™ – Level 3.

Moira W.
Moira is a versatile communicator and instructor with decades of experience editing, writing, teaching, and managing projects for government and corporate clients. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Policy, and thoroughly understands the public policy making process and plain language guidelines. Moira has extensive editing experience, and excels in helping clients develop style guidelines and appropriate means of disseminating information. She has managed onsite production of reports in Canada and Europe; has traveled across Canada with public consultations writing, editing, and producing reports; and has synthesized the work of multiple authors and written executive summaries. Moira has taught editing and writing courses in Ottawa, Montréal, Toronto, and Nunavut to government and corporate clients, as well as for the Editors’ Association of Canada. Moira teaches Advanced Business Writing, Business Grammar That Matters, Business Writing for Impact and Influence, Effective Oral Briefings, Proofreading and Editing, Report Writing, Writing in Plain Language, and Writing Effective Briefing Notes.

Samantha B.
Samantha is a bilingual Certified Empowerment Life Coach and a gifted, no-nonsense, energetic and engaging speaker. Over the last 7 years she has developed and delivered workshops in the areas of improved interpersonal skills, self-confidence, team building, time and stress management. She also works directly with teams to enable better communication and increased productivity. Samantha has 12 years of practical management, marketing and sales experience in the private, non-profit and public sectors. Her diverse experience includes work as a freelance reporter, a fundraiser for a non-profit, a two-year project with the Criminal Intelligence department of the Ottawa Police and an Associate Publisher and VP of Sales for a technology newspaper she co-founded. Samantha teaches Active Listening Skills, Communicating for Results, Getting Organized and In Control, Increasing Your Self-Confidence, Management Skills for Admin Professionals, Practical Time and Workload Management, Stress Management Skills and Working and Communicating as Part of a Team.

Sara B.
Sara is an experienced facilitator and a professor at the Algonquin College of Applied Arts & Technology in Ottawa. She is a member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals, a not-for-profit professional association for office professionals with approximately 28,000 members and affiliates and nearly 600 chapters worldwide. Sarah is not only a teacher of administrative processes, she is a practitioner as well. She works as a Commercial Property Management Assistant which allows her to stay in touch with the new trends in the administrative field. She has also occupied several administrative assistant positions in the past for Sears Canada, the Ottawa Sun, YMCA and the Senate of Canada. Sara thoroughly enjoys teaching – and this becomes quite evident to her students, very quickly. Sara teaches The Outstanding Administrative Assistant.

Sean H.
Sean is an Ottawa-based Therapist and Organizational Development professional with 10 years experience in change management, workshop development, group facilitation, team development and client coaching. As an individual therapist and workshop developer, his purpose is to provide understanding, motivation and accountability for his clients to succeed in their goals. Sean has a degree in Psychology, a postgraduate in Human Resources, a certificate in Adult Education, a Masters certification in Organizational Development. Sean teaches Staying Motivated at Work – Hour Online Workshop and Working as Part of a Remote Team – Online Workshop.

Sue F.
Sue has 20 years of experience in coaching, conducting training programs, facilitating workshops, seminars and developing course materials to suit clients and employees needs. She is recognized and highly regarded for creating a dynamic energetic learning environment. She is has a solid background in developing and presenting educational and informational programs. She has coached, consulted and facilitated seminars to create real, significant, and sustainable results on a variety of subjects. Sue teaches Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution, Boosting Your Remote Work Productivity with Microsoft Outlook – Online Workshop, Coping with Change – Online Workshop, Courageous Leadership – Online Workshop, Critical Conversations, Dealing with Difficult Behaviours, and Take Control of Your Workday with MS Outlook 2016.

Susan K.
Susan began her career as a facilitator over 20 years ago, and as a project manager a few years later. During her career, she has provided corporate training services primarily in the use of desktop applications to an advanced level. In a 5-year term, Second Level Application Support position, she gained experience in resolving issues immediately in a corporate environment. She has also written custom reference material. In a project management role, she led the documentation and training component of several desktop rollouts. Susan is very passionate about assisting others in their desire to achieve a better understanding of the tools they use to do their work. Susan teaches MS Project 2016™ – Level 1, MS Word 2016™ – Level 2 and Project Management Skills for Admin Professionals.

Sylvia L.
Sylvia is a voice and presentation delivery expert who brings a unique blend of public speaking expertise and performing arts experience. In the past decade she has helped close to two thousand people across Canada, the USA, Costa Rica and France tap into the power of their voice and as public speakers or performers connect with their audience in a more authentic and compelling way. Sylvia facilitates workshops and seminars on public speaking and how to present a more professional and engaged image. She also regularly works as a one-on-one coach, helping people develop a unique presentation signature. A graduate of the University of British Columbia, Sylvia holds a diploma in vocal performance, as well as the Medal of Excellence from the Royal Conservatory of Music for highest achievements in the province of Ontario. She is a member of VASTA (Voice and Speech Trainers Association) and has co-edited the publication What in the World is Going On? (Canadian Bureau of International Education). Sylvia teaches Effective Virtual Presentation Skills – Online Workshop and Skills for Effective Presentations.

Theresa B.
Theresa has over 20 years of experience facilitating groups and conducting training and community-based research and evaluation, needs assessments, strategic planning, and community development from municipal to national levels. Emphasizing a participatory and collaborative approach with community stakeholders across the lifespan, Theresa utilizes engagement strategies and adult education techniques to promote cooperation and foster collaboration for community and organizational improvement. Theresa is certified in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods and uses these techniques to develop shared understanding and commitment to solutions with teams and organizations. She is a founding member of the Ottawa Region Research Network and is a former Vice-President of the Association of Educational Researchers of Ontario (AERO).  She holds a Masters in Community Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a BA (Psychology) and B Soc. Sc (Sociology) from the University of Ottawa. Theresa is also a Certified Life Coach with the Certified Coaches Federation. Theresa teaches Finding Creative Solutions to Workplace Challenges.

Vanessa C.
Vanessa is an experienced training, coaching and speaking professional. She holds a diploma in Adult Training and Development, and certificates in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation, in addition to an Honours B.A. in cultural anthropology. She has delivered customized personal and professional development programs to a wide variety of both public and private sector organizations, and always receives high client satisfaction reviews. Vanessa teaches Life Planning for Retirement.

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