Continuing education 

Stay ahead, stay certified: your guide to continuing education credits

What is continuing education?

Within the domain of continuing education, professional continuing education is a specific learning activity. Licensing bodies in a number of fields (such as legal or accounting) impose continuing education requirements on members who hold licenses to continue practicing a particular profession. These requirements are intended to encourage professionals to expand their foundations of knowledge and stay up-to-date on new developments.

Do PMC workshops comply with continuing education requirements?

Rest assured: PMC workshops are recognized by numerous governing bodies across Canada and internationally.

Regardless of any claims made by training providers, it is a best practice to check with your governing body on their requirements for continuing education. As there is no single universal approach, each organization is able to make changes to their continuing education requirements as they see fit.

What information does PMC provide to help with continuing education credits?

All of PMC’s workshops have a duration (days / hours) referenced. These noted hours represent total teaching time for a workshop and excludes any breaks.

This time component is often the requirement that helps the participants, and the governing body, understand whether a workshop is compliant.

Should further insight be required, we are always willing to help!

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