About us

Helping people advance their careers through business and management skills training

Empowering people and organizations to reach their best

For over 40 years, Performance Management Consultants has helped empower tens of thousands of people to begin and advance their careers through industry-leading business and management skills training.

We are also a growing Canadian leader in partnering with Indigenous people, organizations and communities to help them build capacity and reach their potential.

PMC delivers professional development training to clients in government, the private sector, and non-profit organizations.

As a 100% locally owned firm in Ottawa, Canada, we pride ourselves on flexibility and responsiveness to your needs.

Why choose PMC?

Our cadre of adult educators and training consultants are experts in curriculum development, course design, training and course evaluation. We provide customized in-house and public seminars to meet the strategic initiatives of our clients. Our belief is that performance development is a key factor in creating a competitive advantage and enhancing organizational effectiveness.

Performance Management Consultants prides itself on flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs. We have an excellent reputation for quality client service that consistently meets and usually exceeds expectations. Quite simply we could not be in business for 40 years in the National Capital Region without possessing a proven track record for excellent quality service.

Our values


What got us to today is not enough to get us to tomorrow. There are always new and better ways to reach our best.


We can all learn from each other. Ask good questions and listen to the answer. Do no harm.


We are committed in heart and mind. Since our actions have impact, let’s make it positive.

Our approach

At Performance Management Consultants, we believe that to do anything really well, you should love what you do and do it with passion.

We thrive on watching individuals and organizations grow and prosper.

We continually strive to encourage relationships of respect and trust between employees and organizations, and to affirm the worth of the individual.

We seek to add value in every situation.

Whether helping you to access a resource that is outside of our offering or providing informal advice on a sensitive matter, we would always hope that you get a little more than you were expecting!

We stay in touch with current thinking.

Through memberships in professional associations and a wide range of other vehicles, we stay on top of current trends and tools. We employ respected principles of adult learning, constantly seek best practice methodologies, and engage consultants who are active learners themselves.

We take our work seriously.

Although our style is often direct yet informal, this is supported by an uncompromising quest for excellence. We know that our work can have significant psychological, relational and financial implications. We do all that we can to be deserving of the trust of our clients and never take our responsibilities for granted.

We take a truly consultative approach with our clients.

Whether it is an initial meeting or an ongoing basis, we will work with our clients to accurately identify the issues, draw the appropriate conclusions and develop practical interventions and solutions.

In all cases, we will never recommend a solution that we do not believe is in the best interest of the client and will always be prepared to explore the logic of our view. If we can assist, we will say so; if we cannot, we will also say so. We will almost always add value through the benefit of our experience and perspective.

We value diversity, honesty, quality, humour, tolerance and the power of human potential.

You can contact us by phone: (613) 234-2020 or by email: advisors@pmctraining.com.

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