Innovation and Creativity: What Kind of Thinker Are You?


This is a 2-hour Virtual Instructor-Led Training workshop, accessible wherever internet service is available.

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Fee: $195 CDN (plus HST)

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Innovation is vital for every organization and every employee that wants to remain relevant in today’s fast-changing world.

But what does innovation entail? A creative work environment that allows for risk-taking is a start, but often there is a gap in the hands-on practice of getting from abstract creativity to concrete innovation. Innovation is the end result of a very particular process of creative problem-solving, and for it to be successful you need to understand each phase of this process.

The first step is awareness.  At this workshop, you will use the results from your own personal FourSight assessment to discover what kind of thinker you are and how you approach problem-solving. You’ll learn your preferences for clarifying, generating, developing, and implementing ideas.

With greater insight into the problem-solving process, you’ll be a more effective team member and understand where to best allocate your energies, cultivating the mindset for more innovation and effective problem solving.

This is a 2-hour Virtual Instructor-Led Training workshop, accessible wherever internet service is available. Learn more about PMC’s Virtual Live Classroom program here.

Download the Registration Form for this workshop.

Pre-Class:  Before participating in the virtual live class, you will complete an online questionnaire that takes about 15 minutes.  Your individual Foursight profile will be provided to you directly during the debriefing and interpretation stage of the workshop.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

•    Distinguish between creativity and innovation
•    Understand the phases of the creative problem-solving process
•    Use knowledge of your personal preferences for creative thinking to leverage effectiveness at work
•    Examine how differences in preference for creative thinking can impact team productivity and interaction, and apply this to the workplace

Workshop Topics
•    Basic course overview and introductions

Kick-off and Background to FourSight
•    Definitions of innovation, creativity, breakthrough thinking
•    Overview of the breakthrough thinking process

•    Prototype activity and debriefing of insights with group

FourSight Profile Debriefing and Interpretation
•    Provide feedback and review styles

Group Simulation
•    Share group profile and discuss impacts back on the job

FourSight Partner Activity
•    Participants pair up with a different profile, compare and discuss implications for working together
•    Participants share insights from discussion

•    Key learnings and take-aways
•    Questions and Answers

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

Anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of their thinking style, the creative problem-solving process, and how to generate ideas and unleash their creativity.  Managers and supervisors of any size organization who wish to create an effective environment for their teams to innovate.

PMC can also provide this workshop on a group basis for organizations who want to build effective problem-solving teams, eliminate time waste, leverage strengths, and streamline the creative and innovative process to produce repeated success in product or service innovation.

Your Instructor:

Barbara O. is a professional, dynamic Education and Communications Specialist and a certified FourSight facilitator.  She has over 18 years of experience creating, tailoring and delivering educational content and providing coaching to a wide demographic of audiences. Barbara has worked with teams to develop innovative PR, marketing and communication strategies for a range of private and public sector clients.  As a manager and consultant she has overseen the creative development and implementation of innovative products and services to meet the changing needs of clients in the education sector. To this she adds an eclectic range of expertise in strategic communications and outreach, event and project management, government relations, and professional development. Barbara has brought her skills in negotiation, public speaking, partnership building, change management and strategic planning to previous positions held with a number of provincial and national-level organizations in which she has held management and executive positions. Through her work as a business skills trainer in the areas of leadership, change management, communication skills, and conflict resolution, she has demonstrated a passion for helping organizations become sustainable Learning Organizations. Barbara speaks five languages fluently, including French and English, and has a B.A. in Social Sciences and a professional degree in Education from the University of British Columbia.

This workshop will help you develop the following competencies:

•    Achievement / Results Oriented
•    Adaptability / Flexibility
•    Client Service
•    Communication
•    Creative Thinking
•    Engagement and Motivation
•    Impact / Influence
•    Problem Solving
•    Relationship / Network Building
•    Strategic Thinking
•    Teamwork and cooperation
•    Leadership
•    Learning Support / Continuous Learning
•    Management Excellence
•    Self Confidence / Self Esteem

Register today for this workshop – download the Registration Form for this workshop. Or for more information, please email Sophie at or call 613-234-2020, ext. 21.

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