Building Cultural Competence: Creating Conditions for Workplace Success


This is a 2-hour Virtual Instructor-Led Training workshop, accessible wherever internet service is available.

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Cultural differences are like an iceberg: only a small portion of the differences are visible and the rest lie under the surface. Culture includes the values that belong to a certain group of people; whether economic, social or political values.  Individual workplaces also have their own culture, which new employees must adapt to.

Like biodiversity in the environment, cultural diversity creates richness in the workplace environment.  But without individual and collective appreciation for cultural diversity in modern workplaces, there can be communication breakdowns, social misunderstandings, strained relationships and lost productivity.

By developing cultural competence, individuals and teams can make the most of diversity in your workplace.  And, the good news is that cultural competence can be developed through practicing methods of inclusion, reflecting on your own cultural perspectives, practices and ways of relating, and pursuing opportunities to interact meaningfully with members of diverse cultures.  Equipped with these skills, you can integrate different cultural perspectives more fully into your approach to your work and your work itself.

Using a self-assessment as the starting point, this session will help you better understand the role that cultural competence plays in creating a working culture where diverse perspectives are integrated.  You’ll also learn practical techniques for communicating between cultures.

This is a 2-hour Virtual Instructor-Led Training workshop, accessible wherever internet service is available. Learn more about PMC’s Virtual Live Classroom program here.

Download the Registration Form for this workshop.

Pre-Class:  Participants complete a self-assessment that takes about 20 minutes, prior to participating in the virtual training program.

By the end of this workshop, you will:
•    Understand some key differences between cultural perspectives
•    Know the importance of raising and including diverse cultural viewpoints
•    Acquire skills that can help you adjust to new cultural environments or welcome those that are new to your workplace
•    Learn ways to increase your cultural competence to build productivity in your workplace
•    Analyse your assessment results to identify personal strengths and areas for development

Workshop Topics

Cultural Competence Overview
•    The business case for cultural competence and integration
•    Understand key differences in cultural perspectives. An overview of Hofstedes theory of Cultural Dimensions
•    Identify the skills that make a person or an organization culturally competent
•    Understand the Bennett scale: the stages of intercultural sensitivity

•    Overview of the assessment and results interpretation
•    Awareness building of individual strengths and areas for development
•    Suggestions for competency development

•    Review of key learning outcomes
•    Priority take-away information
•    Questions & answers

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

Anyone interested in increasing their self-awareness and cultural competence. Managers or leaders interested in creating a more dynamic learning and working environment that includes diverse cultural perspectives.

Your Instructor:

Erin S. has a Master’s in Canadian Studies and has been facilitating intercultural communication for over ten years. She has worked with Indigenous people and other diverse cultural groups, helping to facilitate greater cross-cultural understanding for mutual benefit. This has included work as an academic coach, course designer (public speaking, cultural competence and cultural diversity and career development) and as a workshop facilitator for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. She has had the pleasure to work in over 25 First Nations in Canada and several Inuit communities in both Nunavut and Nunavik on skills development and intercultural communication. Additionally she taught English in Taiwan for 2.5 years. Erin is passionate about working with adult education because of the wealth of knowledge and experience participants bring to the table. Facilitating diverse groups, Erin usually learns as much from the participants as they learn from her. Developing her own cultural competence has been a profound experience and Erin enjoys sharing this knowledge and experience with others.

This workshop will help you develop the following competencies:

•    Adaptability / Flexibility
•    Client Service
•    Communication
•    Conflict Resolution
•    Dealing with Difficult Situations
•    Emotional Intelligence
•    Engagement and Motivation
•    Impact and Influence
•    Interpersonal Relations
•    Leadership
•    Relationship / Network Building
•    Self Confidence / Self Esteem
•    Teamwork / Cooperation
•    Values and Ethics
•    Working with Others

Register today for this workshop – download the Registration Form for this workshop. Or for more information, please email Sophie at or call 613-234-2020, ext. 21.

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