Virtual Live Classroom Workshops

Live, Instructor-Led Training Without the Travel


Virtual Live Training - PMC Training

PMC’s Virtual Live Classroom workshops give you comprehensive training right from your own computer. As with our traditional physical classroom format, Virtual Live Classroom (VLC) training provides hands-on learning, interactivity and participant engagement, all with the flexibility of learning from wherever you choose.

PMC Online Courses:

Online Courses
»  Achieving Business Success in a Post-Lockdown World with Lean Thinking - Online Workshop
»  Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution - Online Workshop
»  Boosting Your Remote Work Productivity with Microsoft Outlook - Online Workshop
»  Communicating for Results - Online Workshop
»  Coping with Change - Online Workshop
»  Courageous Leadership - Online Workshop
»  Creating Opportunity in Adversity - Online Workshop
»  Emotional Intelligence - Online Workshop
»  Harnessing the Power of Inbox Zero with MS Outlook - Online Workshop
»  Managing Remote Teams - Online Workshop
»  Minute Taking for Better Meetings - Online Workshop
»  Stress Management Skills - Online Workshop
»  Tools for a Resilient Workforce - Online Workshop
»  Writing Effective Briefing Notes - Online Workshop

Virtual live training allows you to:

• Learn from your office, home, or from wherever you choose
• Engage with a live instructor for the complete duration of the course
• Access printable electronic versions of course materials
• Use your own PC for the duration of the class
• Interact with classmates from around the country and world

All You Need is a Computer with an Internet Connection

VLC offers two-way, person-to-person interaction in real time. It’s easy – you’ll receive simple instructions prior to the workshop to ensure your computer is set up for the class, and on class day, you simply join the workshop right from your work space. Please note that each participant requires a computer with internet access.

Why Choose Virtual Live Classroom Training?

• Save money: Eliminate travel time and expense – VLC requires no travel to a classroom location, making it very cost effective.
• Save time: Our VLC modules are generally 2 to 3 hours in length – you don’t have to spend too much time away from your work.
• Instructor-led methodology: An instructional setting that is two-way, person-to-person, and in real time offers incomparable learning potential. As in traditional face-to-face classrooms, VLC offers these same valuable benefits from the comfort of your own workspace.
• Varied learning environment: VLC offers a varied learning experience. In addition to hands-on learning, the environment includes visual, video and audio interaction, social media, polling, chatting and more. The effective integration of these components bridges the potential for training to educate, engage, and inform.
• Availability to the most remote team members: As organizations and workforces have become increasingly dispersed, participation in the same training at the same time with one’s colleagues is a real challenge. VLC offers learning opportunities for even the most distant team members.


PMC’s VLC program is a cost-effective way to access training, with a live facilitator, providing opportunities for classroom interaction and peer-based learning.

For more information, please contact Sophie at or by phone at 613-234-2020, ext. 21. Please view our Cancellation Policy here.

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