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Supervisory and Management
»  Appreciative Inquiry
»  Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals
»  Delegation Skills for the Workplace
»  Making the Transition from Co-Worker to Team Leader
»  Managing for Superior Results I: Fundamentals of Supervision
»  Managing for Superior Results II: From Manager to Leader
»  Managing and Leading with Emotional Intelligence
»  Managing Remote Teams
»  Mindfulness and Leadership: A Program for Managers - NEW
»  Powerful Coaching Skills: How to Create a High Performing Team
»  Traumatic Overwhelm and its Impact for Managers - NEW
Project and Event Management
»  Advanced Event Planning
»  Effective Meeting and Event Planning
»  Managing Project Risks
»  Managing Project Stakeholders
»  Project Management 101
Business Writing
»  Advanced Business Writing
»  Business Grammar That Matters
»  Business Writing for Impact and Influence
»  Proofreading and Editing
»  Report Writing
»  Succeeding at the Federal Public Service Writing Skills Tests
»  Writing Effective Briefing Notes
»  Writing in Plain Language
Interpersonal and Communication Skills
»  Active Listening Skills
»  Advanced Workplace Communication for ESL Speakers
»  Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution
»  Communicating for Results
»  Critical Conversations
»  Dealing with Difficult People
»  Effective Oral Briefings
»  Managing Skills for Non-Managers - Level 1
»  Managing Skills for Non-Managers - Level 2
»  Powerful Negotiation Skills
»  Providing Superior Customer Service
»  Skills for Effective Presentations
»  Thriving on Change
»  Using DiSC Personality Styles to Enhance Your Effectiveness in the Workplace - NEW
»  Using Positive Influencing Skills in the Workplace
»  Working and Communicating as Part of a Team
Professional Development and Personal Effectiveness
»  Creativity and Innovation for the Workplace
»  Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for Effective Decision-Making
»  Enhancing Your Job Satisfaction in the Public Service
»  Finding Balance Through Mindfulness - NEW
»  Getting Organized and In Control
»  How Ottawa Works
»  Improving Your Memory
»  Increasing Your Self Confidence
»  Managing Your Career for the Short and Long Term
»  Personal Effectiveness Through Emotional Intelligence - EQ1
»  Personal Effectiveness Through Emotional Intelligence - EQ2
»  Practical Time and Workload Management
»  Strategic Thinking
»  Stress Management Skills
»  Techniques for the Occasional Trainer
Administrative Skills
»  Advanced Minute Taking for Better Meetings
»  Management Skills for Administrative Professionals
»  Minute Taking for Better Meetings
»  Project Management Skills for Administrative Professionals
»  The Outstanding Administrative Assistant
Productivity Software
»  MS Excel™ - Level 1
»  MS Excel™ - Level 2
»  MS Excel™ - Level 3 - NEW
»  MS Outlook™
»  MS Word™ - Level 2
»  Take Control of Your Workday with MS Outlook™
Planning for Retirement
»  Financial Planning for Retirement
»  Life Planning for Retirement
Improving Organizational Performance
»  Building Intercultural Competence: Make the Most of Diversity in the Workplace
»  Delivery Process and Cost Management
»  Developing and Implementing a Sustainable Performance Framework
»  Implementing Performance Alignment for Results
»  Integrated Risk Management
»  Performance Measurement and Evaluation
»  Policy Analysis Toolbox - Part 1
»  Policy Analysis Toolbox - Part 2
»  Work Simplification

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