Take Control of Your Workday with MS Outlook 2016 (P252)

Set, Track and Achieve Your Goals and Objectives

This course will be delivered as a live, instructor-led session online – click here.

This workshop will show you how to set up a system in MS Outlook® that will allow you to focus on your overall vision, your roles, your goals and your priorities. This will ensure that your activities are linked and properly prioritized to help you meet those goals and objectives.

This is a one-day workshop in Ottawa.

Space is still available for all course dates listed, unless otherwise noted.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Use Outlook to prioritize your actions and activities
  • Set, keep track and achieve goals and objectives utilizing your system in Outlook
  • Consistently focus on priorities
  • Create and implement a personalized plan for organizing their time and email

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Workshop Topics

Managing Your Email

  • Improve email management efficiency
  • Incorporate advanced features into your email management strategy to prioritize your work

Managing Your Activities

  • Set and keep track of goals/objectives/priorities
  • Distinguish between processing email and taking action on tasks
  • Set up an effective system to track activities
  • Customize and manage the Task Pad to help you meet your goals and objectives
  • Create categories to plan, prioritize and follow up on projects and make informed decisions

Managing Your Schedule

  • Integrate emails into calendar to save time
  • Decide what belongs on the calendar and what belongs on the task pad
  • Customize Outlook to increase productivity

Managing Your Communications

  • Use specific methods to send clear, concise emails
  • Develop strategies to save time when creating or responding to emails
  • Learn how to write effective emails
  • Create meaningful subject lines to ensure faster, more accurate responses

Who Should Attend This Course?

Business professionals looking to increase their productivity and better manage their workload.

Does This Course Address Your Competency Development Needs?

This training workshop addresses:

• Achievement / Results Orientation
• Adaptability / Flexibility
• Communication
• Computer and Digital Technology
• Document Use
• Impact and Influence
• Working with Data and Numbers
• Planning / Organizing
• Public Speaking / Presenting
• Reading Skills
• Workload and Time Management
• Writing Skills