Mindfulness and Leadership: A Program for Managers – 1 Day Online Workshop (PV245)

Fundamental Practices to Be a More Effective Leader

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The practice of mindfulness – centering your attention through the breath to be present and aware – has been around for thousands of years. A growing body of research is demonstrating it can have a powerful impact on how people think, feel, act, relate, perform and collaborate at work. The basic benefit of mindfulness is the ability for one to acknowledge and move away from emotion to reason and logic.

Today, many organizations are investing in mindfulness training programs for managers and leaders to help regulate emotion to improve decision-making abilities, with an added benefit of better health and wellness.

This workshop, facilitated by a long-term workplace mindfulness practitioner, will include two meditation practice sessions. Put into context through the five virtues of great leaders, you will learn how to practically apply mindfulness to the meetings you lead, the decisions you make and the ways you inspire your team. The program is designed to provide the foundation for creating lasting personal change towards being a present and authentic leader.

Note: check out our Finding Balance Through Mindfulness course for anyone who wants to improve their self-awareness and find new ways of dealing with a challenging workplace environment.

This is a one-day virtual live workshop.

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this virtual workshop, you will be able to:

  • Learn the art of meditation starting with a focus on the breath, the science behind it and how to apply it to daily life as a manager and a leader
  • Learn to manage emotion and move towards reason and logic to think rationally and make better decisions
  • Realize the difference between managing and leading
  • Learn the five virtues of a great leader and how being mindful helps to walk the talk
  • Learn about situational leadership and how being mindful enables one to be flexible and strategic seeing the whole picture
  • Learn coping strategies, methods, tools, and practice how to deal with a variety of difficult situations

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Workshop Topics

  • Mindfulness Practice – Secular Meditation – tools and methods
  • The 5 timeless virtues of great leaders – the Level 5 leader
  • The Flexible Leadership Model – what kind of a leader are you? How an effective leader has to be flexible and lead based on the situation
  • Critical Thinking and Leadership – learning to park the emotion through mindfulness and to think logically and rationally
  • Communications and the Four Questions for Clarity

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Who Should Attend This Course?

Supervisors, managers and leaders who want to improve their self-awareness, decision-making abilities, and increase personal resiliency.

Does This Course Address Your Competency Development Needs?

This training workshop addresses:

• Achievement/Results Oriented
• Adaptability/Flexibility
• Analytical Thinking
• Communication
• Conflict Resolution
• Creative Thinking
• Dealing With Difficult Situations
• Decision Making/Decisiveness
• Emotional Intelligence
• Engagement & Motivation
• Impact/Influence
• Interpersonal Relations
• Leadership
• Self Confidence/Self Esteem
• Strategic Thinking
• Values and Ethics
• Working with Others