What Can You Expect at a PMC Course?

PMC courses are highly interactive, designed to actively involve participants in the learning process. In most cases, facilitating is preferable to teaching. And it’s more fun!

How to get the most from your PMC workshop

How Do YOU Learn?

PMC recognizes that not everyone takes in information or learns the same way. Our courses incorporate a variety of approaches, tools and delivery mechanisms to cater to the diverse learning styles of participants.

Did you know that the majority of people access information best by visual means? The visual learner benefits most from pictures, graphs, drawings, and the printed word. About 15% of people access information best by hearing. The auditory learner benefits most from exposition, talking and discussion. Roughly 20% are kinesthetic learners, accessing information through touch and feeling. They learn well from simulations.

PMC courses employ demonstrations, exposés, self-assessments, questionnaires, simulations, small group exercises, role-playing, and discussions in plenary. The presentation is usually augmented by careful use of PowerPoint slides.

Every PMC course includes opportunities to apply knowledge learned. Near the end of each course, our instructors encourage participants to develop an action plan to transfer the new knowledge and skills to the work situation. Participants are invited to contact the trainer by email with any questions that arise after they return to the workplace and begin to apply the new knowledge and skills they have acquired.

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