Evolving the Workplace Culture for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Developing a Safe, Respectful, Supportive Organization for Everyone

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As diversity increases in the workplace, people from different backgrounds and orientations will integrate with the workplace culture and perform when they feel welcomed and included to become a part of the organizational culture.

The program is designed to help understand what equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) means and how people from different backgrounds and cultures may experience it in their daily lives.

It is acknowledged that there is no one perfect or certain approach to dealing with EDI. It is very much related to the existing leadership and organizational culture and what the organization aspires to be in meeting its goals.

The program will begin with a focus on possible systemic barriers to equity to inquiring into how every member of the team is valued as a part of an inclusive culture.

The program will be facilitated in an interactive co-inquiring manner encouraging participants to actively contribute to the learning process.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

• Understand how current society and culture look at diversity and how EDI can respond
• Become aware of your values and biases and how they intersect with the organization’s values
• Understand how unconscious bias can impact the worldviews and perceptions of others
• Understanding strengths and areas for development
• Recognize and respond to creating more cultural diversity in the organization
• Develop cross-cultural communication skills
• Increase cultural intelligence

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Your workshop leader is Lalith G. Lalith is a senior consultant, instructor and mediator with extensive experience in leadership development, teambuilding, change management, executive coaching, inter-cultural diversity, personal mastery, and conflict resolution. He trains and consults with the Government of Canada, non-profits and private sector organizations. Mindfulness practice is the foundation for all his work as a trainer/facilitator, entrepreneur, business developer and consultant. Lalith also works internationally in the areas of capacity building, youth leadership, post conflict initiatives, rural development, social enterprise, renewable and rural energy, energy policy, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and climate change. He has participated in and led project teams in Asia and Africa through international donor agencies and consulting companies. Lalith conducts research and inquiry into natural resources governance, extractives industry sustainability and CSR, community relations and Indigenous community partnerships. He has an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice, a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and a Diploma in Marketing. He is also a Certified Coach Practitioner with the Canadian Coaches Federation.

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