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Finding Balance Through Mindfulness
Reducing Stress and Improving Your Resiliency at Work

Next course date: December 10-11, 2019 – click here for full details

This two-day workshop is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to improve their self-awareness and find new ways of dealing with a challenging workplace environment.

The practice of mindfulness – centering your attention in the present by focusing on the breath – has been around for thousands of years. A growing body of research is demonstrating it can have a powerful impact on how you think, feel, act, relate, perform and collaborate at work.

On an individual level, mindfulness practice helps you to control your emotions – anger, frustration, fear – so you can be inquiring, thoughtful, logical, rational and strategic, and focus on the work that needs done, rather than on the situations that may distract you from your priorities. In effect, being mindful and aware allows you to acknowledge emotion and move towards logic and reason in any situation.

This workshop, facilitated by a long-term workplace mindfulness practitioner, will show you how to integrate mindfulness with emotional intelligence and organizational behaviour theories and tools, so you can immediately begin to enhance your own well-being and improve your relationships and effectiveness at work.

At the end of this seminar, you will be able to:

• Be mindful and reflective, and gain self-knowledge in order to manage your own thoughts
• Learn communications tools based on the breath to manage emotions and to respond with reason in difficult situations
• Learn about how mindfulness impacts on emotional intelligence
• Find balance in the way you work, and learn key techniques to positively influence situations and people
• Find calm and composure throughout day-to-day uncertainties and challenges

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Your workshop leader is Lalith G. Lalith is a senior consultant, instructor and mediator with extensive experience in leadership development, teambuilding, change management, executive coaching, inter-cultural diversity, personal mastery, and conflict resolution. He trains and consults with the Government of Canada, non-profits and private sector organizations. Mindfulness practice is the foundation for all his work as a trainer/facilitator, entrepreneur, business developer and consultant. Lalith also works internationally in the areas of capacity building, youth leadership, post conflict initiatives, rural development, social enterprise, renewable and rural energy, energy policy, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and climate change. He has participated in and led project teams in Asia and Africa through international donor agencies and consulting companies. Lalith conducts research and inquiry into natural resources governance, extractives industry sustainability and CSR, community relations and Indigenous community partnerships. He has an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice, a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and a Diploma in Marketing. He is also a Certified Coach Practitioner with the Canadian Coaches Federation.

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Sophie Gouédard
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