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PassionWorks! Use Your Emotions to Succeed at Work
How to Thrive Emotionally During Challenging Times

Next course date: October 13, 2022 – click here for full details

This one-day in-person workshop is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to improve their emotional health at work. (Live online dates are also available.)

How are you feeling while working these days? Do you feel like you have influence or agency over those emotions? Or are you feeling like circumstances dictate your mood?

This program gives you the science behind and the practices in support of diagnosing and creating your emotional experiences at work. The result is more satisfaction, joy, and peace in times that frequently trigger less positive emotions.

At the end of this seminar, you will be able to:

• Monitor your emotional health at work
• Adapt to situations in an emotionally healthy way
• Sustain passion in your work without losing yourself
• Redirect cynicism and skepticism towards realistic optimism
• Lead yourself and others in connecting to meaning and progress
• Transfer good ideas into concrete actions
• Gain agency over the triggers that result in destructive emotions
• Finish your day with more energy than you started it
• Understand what drives your colleagues emotional experience at work

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Your workshop leader is David J. David is a dynamic educator with extensive training, facilitation, key note speaking and coaching experience obtained by providing consulting services for a diverse client base in North America and Europe. He is a strong experiential learning program designer who is certified in needs analysis and program evaluation methodologies. Participants in his workshops appreciate his empathy, humour, flexibility and energy. His clients report that he gets results: the sessions he designs, facilitates and manages on their behalf are positive, inspiring experiences that stimulate desired changes and outputs.

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