What People Are Saying About Our Live Online Courses

Check out what our customers are saying about our Live Online Instructor-led courses. We feel privileged to have so many satisfied clients – we thank each and every one.

Plus read on for more feedback about our live online courses – you can be confident when you book a course with PMC Training!

“This was a very insightful workshop. The tools and practical exercises were excellent. I was a little skeptical about doing a full-day workshop over Zoom, but everything went quite smoothly. I’d highly recommend this workshop to anyone considering it.”
–Jim Hamilton, Needle’s Eye Media

“I was very impressed by the use of technology in the course.  I had originally been planning to travel to Ottawa to take this course; and, due to COVID I couldn’t travel.  I was more than a bit concerned that the online version of the course might be substandard to classroom-based instruction; but now having done it, I would eagerly take other online courses.  By saving the expense of travel, I likely could take more courses.”
Past participant

“The topics covered were very good and quite useful for the typical office worker as well as how anyone can use these tips at home (COVID or not). However, what made this workshop the success that I feel it was, was how dynamic, knowledgeable and fun Samantha made it! Not only did she bring her expertise to the session but her energy and her commitment to ensure that participants got the most out of an online session.”
–Joanne Collin, Health Canada

“I thought the online version was exceptionally well done and brought together people from all over the country very seamlessly.”
–Past participant

“I was a little apprehensive about taking the course online, but Sue made it interactive and fun for the entire two days. I really enjoyed it and I would not hesitate to sign up for another course if I knew Sue was facilitating!”
–Past participant

“Samantha was brilliant. She kept discussions lively, she was humorous, and kept on track. Lots of great information…One of the few online courses I have really enjoyed.”
–Nikki Butcher, NRC IRAP

“I thought the online version was exceptionally well done and brought together people from all over the country very seamlessly.”
–Past participant

“The course size was perfect for a virtual course. In fact, I found it better than being in a classroom. The instructor was beyond good. She was caring, compassionate, very knowledgeable and reflective; she gave a lot of thought to our questions and guided our group to providing possible solutions.”
–Past participant

“I highly recommend this workshop. It was better than I anticipated. Given that it would be remote learning, I had my reservations, but I was absolutely pleasantly surprised.”
–Sarah R., Transport Canada

“David was very engaging! Although the course was virtual, the delivery made it almost feel like we were in person, I was pleasantly surprised. The breakout activities were very well managed and really allowed for good group discussion.”
–Past participant

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