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One-on-One Coaching Options – Managing for Superior Results I

Sometimes the classroom setting isn’t quite enough. You may have specific individual needs that go beyond what gets discussed in your workshop. You may want extra attention to address challenges specific to your workplace or job function.

That’s why PMC offers a one-on-one coaching option for this workshop. The only pre-requisite is that you’ve attended the workshop. You can purchase your coaching session at the time of initial registration, during the workshop, or after you’ve completed the workshop. You and your course instructor will arrange a mutually agreeable time for the session – in person, by phone, or by Skype – depending on your needs. You can schedule the coaching session anytime up to six months after you complete your workshop. Simply select from the coaching options below according to your needs.

Select either 3, 4 or 5 hours of personal coaching:  

– either face-to-face, or via Skype or phone, one-on-one with your instructor
– $250 per hour (plus HST)

How to book your personal coaching session:

–    Complete the registration form at the time of signing up for the workshop
–    Ask your instructor in class for a registration form, or
–    Contact Sophie at 613-234-2020, ext. 21 for assistance

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