Micro and Self-Paced Learning with PMC

Micro and Self-Paced Learning with PMC Training

We know sometimes it’s not always possible to do classroom training. But we also know there are times you need information and knowledge now – right now – to do your job more effectively.

That’s why PMC offers you a host of micro- and self-paced learning modules, for those times when you simply can’t be in the classroom. Micro- and self-paced learning can’t replace traditional training, but it’s an innovative and effective way to keep pace with the constant change in your workplace, and to quickly close a small knowledge or skill gap such as having a crucial conversation with a co-worker or overcoming procrastination at work.

What is Micro-Learning?

Micro-learning is the process of learning through short, digestible, well-planned units. Bite-sized content enables you to access small chunks of information instantly, anytime, and from anywhere. PMC offers an extensive library of micro learning, as well as longer video lessons on soft skills, management and software topics accessible through desktop or mobile devices.

How Does Micro-Learning Benefit You?

•    Immediate results through just-in-time learning
•    Budget friendly
•    Available when you need it, at work or on your own time

With more than 5,000 video lessons in our library, you’ll have access to learning critical skills needed to succeed in today’s always-connected world.

Our micro- and self-paced learning offerings put you in control. You’ll have access to:

• Small, short lessons, as well as longer multi-module sessions
• Mobile and web content
• Self-paced, self-directed, individual topic choices

In Addition to Your In-Class Training

Micro-learning is not just putting pages of classroom training online, nor is it splitting an entire day’s classroom experience into 2-3 minute chunks. Rather, it provides a resource that’s always at your fingertips to develop proficiency in one specific area at a time.

Our micro- and self-paced learning library covers numerous subject matter topics through videos, quizzes, handouts, and other resources. It’s learning with small, focused chunks of content—a proven way to engage 21st century brains.

It can help to reinforce the learning and skills you acquired at a classroom workshop, or even help you to prepare for a workshop in advance.

Get started with PMC’s micro- and self-paced learning programs today. Please call Leila at 613-234-2020, ext. 18 or email lmontgomery@pmctraining.com.



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