Sometimes the classroom setting isn’t quite enough. You may have specific individual needs that go beyond what gets discussed in your workshop. You may want extra attention to address challenges specific to your workplace or job function. Or you may have a whole team in your organization that needs to develop a set of skills.

That’s where coaching comes into play.

PMC offers one-on-one or group coaching on almost any topic to address changing key behaviours and sharpening skills and performance – which will deliver measurable and sustained results for you or your organization.

You and your PMC coach will explore personal solutions to challenging issues you face, or even specific goals you or your organization want to achieve. Together, you and your coach develop strategies to overcome obstacles, actionable steps to achieve your goals, and increase overall performance.

Our coaching program is specific to your goals and needs. Almost any topic can be addressed in a PMC coaching session or series of sessions, such as:

•    time and stress management
•    leadership skills
•    new managers coaching
•    emotional intelligence
•    communications
•    motivation
•    performance
•    conflict resolution
•    and more

For more information, or to arrange your customized program with one of our highly qualified coaches, contact us at:

Tel: 613-234-2020, ext. 21

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