Business Etiquette 101

Essentials for Presenting a Polished Image

Have you ever thought about what your handshake says about you or if you’re introducing yourself and others appropriately? Do you know the correct etiquette for using your smartphone? Have you ever had to make small talk and been at a loss for words?

Appropriate attention to these and other details can help you stand out in today’s fiercely competitive work environment. While a single faux pas could be damaging to your career, it’s also those habitual details that you may be unaware of that are eroding your reputation and image.

This workshop will teach you to feel at ease and confident in your dealings with people in virtually any setting, whether you work in government, a non-profit or the private sector. Learn how to apply the basics of business etiquette to tip the scales in your favour no matter what the situation – whether you are trying to land a new job, move up in your current one, win a contract or just earn the respect of clients, colleagues or management.

It takes seconds to make a first impression. Are you making a good one?

This workshop is offered within organizations for groups of 5 people or more.

Course duration: 1 day
Course language: English

Program Topics

Professional Attire and Work Space
Before we’ve spoken a single word, our dress and our desk is communicating with the world around us. Do you know what they’re saying?

  • The importance of first impressions
  • Proper fit and quality construction
  • Formal vs. casual business attire and what not to wear at the office
  • Ensuring your work space sends the right message to others

Electronic Etiquette
Technology may be making our lives easier but it’s not making us any nicer. Learn to use technology considerately and appropriately.

  • Professional use of electronic correspondence
  • Telephone and voicemail
  • Mobile technology (cellphone, BlackBerry®, etc.)

This section will arm you with the tools to make positive and professional first impressions.

  • How to make and maintain proper eye contact
  • Introducing yourself and others with ease
  • Proper handshaking techniques
  • Business card protocol (giving and receiving cards)
  • Forms of address (discussing the importance of precedence)
  • The art of small talk and exiting a conversation with grace
  • Tips for remembering names
  • Working the room with ease and confidence

Hosting Clients and International Visitors
Learn the strategies to consider so that your meeting is set up for success.

  • Discussing the first meeting
  • Strategic do’s and don’ts
  • General meeting etiquette

Taking the High Road
Embodying civility and polish not only enhances your image but also has a positive effect on those around you.

  • Handling rude people and criticisms with grace
  • Giving and receiving compliments with ease

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Present a confident, professional image
  • Make a positive and polished first impression
  • Mingle with ease and make a powerful entrance
  • Use electronic devices effectively and considerately
  • Take the high road in the face of rude behaviour
  • Host clients, international visitors and meetings successfully

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who endeavours to lead by example, wants to invest in his/herself or their organization’s image, or wants to gain an edge over the competition.

For more information on this workshop, please contact:
Sophie Gouédard
Tel: 613-234-2020, ext. 21

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